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Rubio Gets A Little Immigration Reform Boost From Obama And "Dreamers"


When pro-amnesty for illegal aliens supporters, or in this case, “Dreamers” heckled Senator Marco Rubio during a recent speech he gave in South Carolina, little did they know that their stunt may have really, really backfired on them.

Rubio’s support and popularity nationwide had already crumbled because of his support of the unpopular amnesty-lite “Gang of 8″ immigration reform bill he helped pen, which firmly placed the junior senator from Florida within the ranks of the immigration reform amigos who tought a comprehensive (amnesty) approach to fixing the broken immigration system in the U.S.

This said, it seemed really dumb for these so-called “Dreamers” to try to upstage one of their biggest supporters and advocates on this issue.

There was a reason why Rubio grabbed the immigration reform torch and ran with it back in 2013, and these payasos (Espanol for clowns) can’t, or don’t want to see that Rubio was helping their cause.

“You’re doing harm to your own cause because you don’t have a right to illegally immigrate to the United States.” –Senator Marco Rubio

That is what Rubio told those Dreamers as they were being escorted out of the venue in South Carolina.

Irrational activists like these pro-amnesty types, and much like those who advocate for gay marriage and women’s rights, will never be satisfied with any form of compromise.

Unless they are given everything they want, and then some, they will never put down that protest flag or shut up about the issue.

What is that old cliche, you give them an inch, and they take a mile?

This event in South Carolina could very well have been the much-needed turning point Rubio needed on immigration reform.

There was a magical moment in that room,” said Woodard, is part-time Republican consultant. “Any reservations I think (the audience) had about his stance on immigration were washed away. These protests had exactly the opposite effect on this audience. By the time he actually spoke, he had them in the palm of his hand.” News-Corp

In addition, President Obama’s threat that he would use an executive order to implement amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, has once again thrusted Rubio out in front of the contentious debate, giving him a huge opportunity to try to win back that support he lost when he stood alongside liberal Democrat Senators Chuck Shumer and Dick Durbin in support comprehensive immigration reform .

Expect Rubio to continue walking back his past “Gang of Ocho” stance to a more hard-lined, pro-legal immigration position.

Obama and his “brown” friends will most likely continue helping to make Rubio’s immigration evolution possible, if and when they continue to press for amnesty for illegal aliens.

So, in other words…Mas Tequila!

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