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Alan Grayson: All Cops Are War-Hungry


Just when you thought Democrats would stop politicizing the Ferguson shooting incident, the Congressional Black Caucus, and now Rep. Alan Grayson (D), continue to stoke racial division to serve their self-serving political agendas.

We told you about the Black Caucus members taking to the House floor to call for justice, and to invoke racism and slavery over the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Now the self-proclaimed “Congressman with Guts,” Alan Grayson, tweeted “

Police should act like servants, not like warriors at war.”

Grayson also believes that the United States could look like an “occupied territory” if police are allowed to dress in, and use protective military gear.

Grayson is a smart dude, who is most likely just trying to fundraise off the issue, knows that police need to intimidate criminals and protect themselves from weapons used against them during uprisings and riots.

You know, those Molotov cocktails and rocks that police in Ferguson, Missouri were pelted with.

Grayson will face Republican Carol Platt, who clobbered her GOP primary opponents in last month’s primary election, in the upcoming November general election.


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