Sheldon Adelson 'Roved' Again?


Just as a high stakes gambler in the wrong place at the wrong time might get “rolled” from time to time, Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson appears ripe to get “Roved” yet again based upon reports he’s “donated $10 million to a Karl Rove-backed outfit boosting Republican Senate candidates and promised a similar amount to an allied group focused on House races.”

Adelson’s political wingman Andy Abboud attempts to portray it otherwise but the timing and Rove’s mid-term strategy doesn’t really support his thesis.

First, as Politico points out, there’s no way Adelson can get the biggest bang for his bucks given the timing, “It’s unclear how far a major influx of cash from Adelson would go at this late stage in the campaign, since much of the best stretch-run TV time has been purchased and that which remains is astronomically expensive. 

Furthermore, given that Rove’s beholden to the GOP establishment and groups like the Chamber of Commerce, time and again he’s advocated making ObamaCare the key campaign issue, while overlooking the more effective issue of immigration, as well as the economy and foreign policy.

Consequently, Adelson’s late and relatively low dollar foray into GOP politics this time out may prove to be little more than a sucker’s bet, albeit one the 81 year-old casino mogul can easily afford. 


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