Alan Grayson Having A Bad Day, New Poll Shows He Could Lose Re-Election

Central Florida Realtor and Republican congressional nominee Carol Platt has received the endorsement from the Orlando Sentinel over her congressional opponent, Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson.

Grayson is probably fuming over the paper’s endorsement of Platt, but does anyone blame the Sentinel for backing Platt over Grayson, considering his past divisive and insensitive political stunts and antics, not to mention the fact that he loves to spend taxpayer dollars.

Here is what the Orlando Sentinel wrote about Grayson:

Though last year he likened the tea party to the Ku Klux Klan, Grayson otherwise seems to have turned down the temperature on his firebrand rhetoric. He won enough support from Republican members to get a number of amendments passed in the House.

But like his fellow Democrat from Central Florida, Corrine Brown, Grayson shows no interest in limits on federal spending — except at the Pentagon — despite chronic budget deficits and the mushrooming national debt.

Now the Platt campaign has released an internal poll that has her only 5% behind the incumbent. The poll shows Grayson garnering 40% of the vote, while Platt, a virtual newbie to politics with 35% of the vote.

According to the poll, 17% of those surveyed were still undecided, and to no ones surprise, Grayson favorability numbers are in the toilet.

The survey was weighted to reflect the likely turnout for the district 9 race and reflects historical turnout percentages of Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the race. -Carol Platt campaign

Carol Platt stated the following about her internal poll results:

“These numbers simply confirm what we’ve been hearing and seeing on the ground – District nine is fed up with the representation they’re getting from Alan Grayson and they’re ready for someone new. We fully intend to win this race and will be working harder than ever in this final stretch.”


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