Ebola Czar: Et Tu Al Hunt?

When Obama has lost liberal Al Hunt with his choice of Ron Klain for Ebola czar … well, you get the picture.

I’ve know Ron Klain for years, respecting him as a smart operative who understands the nexus of politics and policy. His selection yesterday by President Barack Obama as the “Ebola czar” is a bad choice that will not stop the Democrats’ political problems on this issue.

While conservatives may not usually have much in common with the thinking of Al Hunt, it’s difficult to disagree with him this time out. Many said as much early on. Were Obama a mature, competent leader, he would have recognized the lead for same in this case, most especially one capable of bridging the current political divide.

Hunt suggests David Patraeus and these is much in the former CIA Director’s resume to recommend him.

There was a near perfect choice for Obama: David Petraeus, the former general who commanded U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and was the Central Intelligence Agency director before forced out by reports of a sexual affair.

Unfortunately for Democrats, and perhaps America, too, where Ebola is concerned, the politics first, last and always mentality of Barack Obama held sway. The guy who recently frustrated Democrats facing a tough election cycle by insisting his unpopular policies are on the ballot has most likely given them another reason for pessimism heading into November.

But with his choice, Barack Obama has opened the door for an epidemic of political demagoguery.


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