Wendy’s 15 Minutes Are Up

In response to Wendy Davis accuses Greg Abbott of wanting to ban his own marriage:

Actually Wendy Davis’ fifteen minutes of fame expired some time ago, but apparently no one bothered to tell her. Her campaign is running on the noxious fumes that only a particular brand of rabid dog Democrat found in Texas, puts out.

Wendy Davis was always a media creation from her bleach blond hair right down to her stupid pink tennis shoes. Why the MSM thought the woman who “stood tall” for late term abortions and against higher standards for abortion clinics (in the wake of abortion butcher Kenneth Gosnell!)  would become a national heroine, is a question for another day. 

It’s just fun (and gratifying) to watch her mortifying campaign implode as her left-wing defenders, out-numbered as they are, try to defend the indefensible.


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