Charlie Crist Opens His Mouth And Inserts His Foot During Last Gov Debate

First it was his ‘fan’ now its his mouth that has gotten Charlie Crist in a heep of trouble with voters.

 During the last debate between Crist and Republican Rick Scott, Crist teed it up for Republicans.

 Debate moderator Jake Tapper framed a question around what a Florida small business owner said about the possibility that minimum wage would be raised to $10.10 an hour.

The Orlando-area business owner said that she would have to lay off one of her employees, if the minimum wage was raised, prompting Tapper to ask Crist what he would say to that specific employee, as to “why is it worth it?” to hike up the wage.

How did Charlie, who ‘loves’ President Obama and supports his call to raise the minimum wage, answer the question?

“Well, the reason I think its worth it is because people deserve it.”-Charlie Crist

There you have it, Crist thinks its worth it that some Americans lose their jobs over another one of Obama’s job-killing ideas.


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