Landrieu implodes

Landrieu implodes

Democrats seem determined to leech all the suspense from the final month of incumbent Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s career.  Political wonks wanted a dramatic showdown, a little December chaser to the midterm election drama, but instead Democrats are pulling their money out of the race, and Landrieu is making the kind of gaffes that would have doomed her even before the 2014 Senate handwriting was on the wall.

The latest, courtesy of Twitchy, has Landrieu or one of the idiots working for her campaign team deciding to make a big deal about her Republican opponent Bill Cassidy’s actions during Hurricane Katrina.  Her last-ditch strategy is evidently to paint Cassidy as insufficiently eager to bring recovery dollars into Louisiana.  Accordingly, she created a hashtag on Twitter called #WhereWasBill, pinched off a Tweet to get the campaign rolling, and even arranged for a photo op of her supporters holding up placards bearing the hashtag.  Apparently Mary Landrieu is so out-of-touch that she doesn’t realize Obama’s team of losers made “hashtag diplomacy” into a sarcastic joke.  You do not impress voters by making yourself look like the clowns who thought Boko Haram could be nagged into releasing its slaves by pouting and holding up signs that said #BringBackOurGirls.  (In fact, Boko Haram went on to take even more slaves.)

Unfortunately, Landrieu didn’t bother to find out what Bill Cassidy, who is a medical doctor, actually was doing during Hurricane Katrina.

This reminds of how the floundering candidacy of gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis in Texas decided to play the race card against Greg Abbott by insinuating that he wanted to make interracial marriage illegal, without bothering to glance at one of the thousands of billboards in Texas depicting Abbott with his lovely wife Cecilia, who just became the first Latina First Lady of Texas.  Democrats in 2014 spent a lot of time running lazy campaigns to stampede voters they obviously regard as uninformed nincompoops.

Now that Tea Party candidate Rob Maness has thrown his support behind Cassidy, the runoff odds have grown longer for the incumbent Senator.  The last thing Landrieu needed was a campaign-implosion gaffe that would scare away some of the support she still retained after Election Day.