George W Bush: Run, Jeb, Run

In case you thought  the last Bush in the White House didn’t want Jeb Bush to run for president, former president George W. Bush has made his support official.

“Jeb is making a very personal decision, and we can pressure him all we want, it’s not going to matter,” added Mr Bush. “You can’t pressure somebody on such an important decision. It’s not going to cause him think positively or negatively if we all harass him.”

Heck, if you didn’t know better, he almost makes it sound as if the next job opening inthe White House belongs to a Bush, or a Clinton. Imagine that?

Former US president calls on his younger sibling to continue the family’s political dynasty and challenge Hillary Clinton for America’s top job

Said George W., “”The idea of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama, Bush troubles him, which speaks to his great integrity. [But] I said, ‘well how’s this sound: Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton?’ The point is you don’t get to pick the environment in which you run.”

Perhaps not, but some other Republicans may yet have something to say about that environment before we’re through. Many conservatives may be just fine with ‘Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-anyone but a Clinton or a Bush’.