NYC Man, 61 Killed In Subway Shove

NYC Man, 61 Killed In Subway Shove

Wai Kuen Kwok, 61, of the Bronx was pushed under a speeding subway car  in what police are describing as a random act by an unknown Black individual who, presumably didn’t even know the elderly man he pushed to his death as the victim stood with his wife on the 167th Street subway platform.

“Push, push!” his stricken wife screamed, according to witnesses, uttering one of the few English words she knew.

An assailant fled up the stairs and out onto the street.

Between accidents, incidents and suicides, 49 people have been killed by subway cars in New York this year; however, it’s believed this is the first attack of this type since 2012. Police are circulating flyers with the alleged perpetrators picture and security video of him entering and leaving the subway station is available, as well.

 It’s assumed he is an area resident and authorities are hoping someone who can identify the suspect comes forward.