Comptroller Forum – Torres: Texas Going the Way of the Titanic

Comptroller Forum – Torres: Texas Going the Way of the Titanic

I am often asked why I am running for the office of comptroller.  The answer is simple.  I am the most qualified person to deal with the serious challenges and terrific opportunities we have before us in Texas.  

The Story of the Titanic

Most Americans are very familiar with the story of the Titanic which was sunk on April 14, 1912.  What makes this story so worthy of history is that it could have been avoided.   The two critical errors that were made that night were these:  First, many people believed that because of her design and because of her size the Titanic was “unsinkable.” Second, despite having received iceberg warnings via wireless telegraph, the radio operators were more concerned with relaying private messages to passengers than passing along updated iceberg warnings to the Captain on the bridge. In other words, the warnings were mostly ignored.  Today, the “unsinkable” Titanic’s tragic end is forever recorded in history.  A lesson we all should learn well.

Texas Today 

My friends, I believe Texas is facing a similar situation today.  While most of the people of Texas are focused on Washington D.C. and all the insanity that continues to come from that place, the luxury liner called Texas, which many are saying is unsinkable and the model for all of America, is on a voyage that will lead to her destruction as the most prosperous state in America… that is to say she is on her way towards financial bankruptcy.  Let me share some facts with you.

Fact #1   

Texas passed the largest spending budget in state history last May.  This budget spent $22 billion more than the 2011 budget and didn’t fix our most serious economic challenges facing our state. This spending isn’t a onetime event.  Texas Public Foundation issues a report in April 2012 that stated that since 2003, when the Republicans took control of all the Legislature, the state has spent more than $17 billion more than what reasonable spending requirement called for.  Now, this occurred under the watchful eyes of so called, “conservative” leadership.    Here is a copy of that report: Trends in Texas Government Spending.  I am not making this stuff up!

Fact #2

Texas has the 2nd largest local debt obligation in all of America and government continues to borrow money (sell bonds) like a drug addict looking for another fix.  In the Comptroller’s report, Texas Its Your Money – Local and State Debt, the total amount due for state and local debt is greater than $350 billion.   Something to think about are the words of John Adams who once said, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.”

Fact #3

On May 9, 2012, Texas Governor Rick Perry said, “Medicaid a ‘failure’ akin to Titanic.”  That is a huge statement.  Here is the rest of the story he didn’t state: Even if Texas doesn’t participate in expanding Medicaid the cost of our state’s entitlement spending is growing faster than the state’s ability to pay for the demand and will soon bankrupt the state and if we don’t find solid solutions soon. According to the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s study they say this about entitlement spending, “Medicaid’s growth rate is simply unsustainable.”  Here is the report: The Big Squeeze.

Fact #4

The state is currently faced with a $900 billion financial crisis for water, transportation, debt, and a growing education enrollment and the state does not have the financial plan to pay for all this.  Guess what is next?  Can anyone say, “HIGHER TAXES!”  The numbers don’t lie my friends.  Politicians can play with the numbers, but not the real numbers.  Here is a link to my special report I posted online at Texas Tomorrow: The Future of Texas..

Fact #5

Our so called “conservative” legislators continue to take Texas down the path that mirrors California and NONE of them have yet offered meaningful solutions to these serious challenges. Yet, they all want you to re-elect them in 2014.  Texas does not need more career politicians that will do anything to get elected.  This is not the solution for Texas.  Here is the report: Texas Goes Sacramento.

Texas can avoid another Titanic type disaster.  The warnings have been given.  The data is known.  What Texas needs is a real leader who will not afraid to lead and who will tell you the truth even if isn’t good news. This is why I am seeking the office of Texas Comptroller.  Our future is too important to us all for this to continue to be ignored as it has been for the past 10 years.  

My Opponents Lack Solutions  

The problems cited above occurred under the watchful eye of two of my opponents,

Mr. Hegar and Mr. Hilderbran, who qualify for the term “career politician” since they have a combined 34 years of service in the Texas Legislature.  This means they are responsible for the lack of leadership that has resulted in these big challenges we face as a state.  The other candidate, Mrs. Medina, gives speeches that sound good politically, but she is just another politician that wants to be somebody.  She offers no specific solutions to tax reform or other issues facing our state.

Under Raul’s Leadership

As your next Comptroller I will control the spending insanity that our career politicians, the political establishment, the power brokers, and the media have enjoyed these past 10 years on the backs of hard working families.  They do not like the idea of smaller more efficient government simply because it means less money for them and their clients and this just scares the hell out of them.  I will impose professional accounting and auditing standards for all agency employees and I will perform external audits of other state agencies and universities to ensure that your tax dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently.

Finally, I will implement Lean Six Sigma in the Comptroller’s office.  This will greatly improve customer service, eliminate the huge backlog of field audits that need processing, and will save Texas taxpayers approximately $50 million dollars a year.  Now, that is leadership and why you, your friends, and family should vote for Raul Torres for Texas Comptroller.  No politics, just plain financial common sense solutions.


Texas has many things to be proud of.  We live in the best state with the best citizens, the best first police, troopers, and firemen, the best medical staff, the best educators, and the best farmers in all of America.

If we have the courage to do what is the right thing now and if we continue to pursue perfection, then in due time we will catch excellence in government, in our communities, in our schools, and in our work.  But, if we don’t do what needs to be done soon Texas will soon cease to be who we are today.  May God bless Texas.

I just thought you should know.

Raul Torres is a candidate for Texas Comptroller.