Planned Parenthood President: 'When Life Begins' Not 'Relevant'

Planned Parenthood President: 'When Life Begins' Not 'Relevant'

Native Texan and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards raised eyebrows Friday, February 28, 2014 by claiming there was no relevance in arguing when life begins–the same day the organization launched its national “Women are Watching” campaign.

Fusion host Jorge Ramos tried to pin down the daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards on Friday, “Why would you think it would be so controversial for you to say when do you think life starts?”  

Richards immediately balked by questioning whether the issue was controversial at all and argued the relevancy of the matter wholesale.

Prominent pro-life voices were quick to offer reactions to Breitbart Texas on the matter. Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser expressed outrage: “Cecile Richards’ comments were insensitive and unfeeling to any woman who has ever been pregnant, especially those women who have suffered the pain of miscarriage.”

During the Ramos interview, Richards attempted to reframe the matter by arguing that “I think every woman has to make her own decision,” and restated the goal of making sure women are apprised of all their options.

Dannenfelser countered: “This is an example of the problem of getting so wrapped up in the politics of ‘reproductive choice,’ that the real experience of pregnant women becomes secondary. Richards’ statement misses what most Americans understand about pregnancy, especially women. There are two human beings involved.”

Cecile Richards’ arguably shocking statement was not without proper political timing. Earlier in the day, Planned Parenthood’s political arm announced its intentions to heavily influence 2014 U.S. Senate and gubernatorial battles in North Carolina, Montana, Alaska, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.

Texas Senator Wendy Davis is likely to benefit considerably from Planned Parenthood’s campaign expenditures, given strong public relations support in the past.

Live Action President Lila Rose criticized Planned Parenthood’s latest move arguing, “There are no winners, except those making money by selling abortions, when Big Abortion leader Planned Parenthood pours millions into America’s elections,” in a statement emailed to Breitbart Texas. Rose continued to criticize the propriety of entities organizing “campaign offensives” while still receiving public funds. A recent report from Texas Right to Life stated that $612,000 had gone to Planned Parenthood Texas this year.

Specifically in Texas, Planned Parenthood’s investment in Wendy Davis may bear little fruit given recent opinion polling. Breitbart Texas reported last week that Davis continued to trail by 11 points to likely GOP candidate and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Contemporary surveys track with November 2013 findings having evidenced a considerable gap between the candidates–plus the observation that voters tended to dislike Davis even more once they recognized her pro-abortion record.

Susan B. Anthony List’s Dannenfelser echoed recent polling, “If there are disappointments at the ballot box for Planned Parenthood in 2014 it will be an outgrowth of this disconnect with the women they claim to represent.”

Breitbart Texas reached out to Planned Parenthood’s executive press office seeking further clarification on Ms. Richards’ comments. Requests have not been answered at this time.

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