AG Candidate Paxton Secures Key Law Enforcement Endorsement in Houston

AG Candidate Paxton Secures Key Law Enforcement Endorsement in Houston

HOUSTON, TEXAS–State Senator Ken Paxton’s run-off campaign for Texas Attorney General scored a major victory today after being endorsed by “Texas’ largest law enforcement organization.”  In a statement submitted to Breitbart Texas, the Houston Police Officer’s Union Political Action Committee (HPOU) endorsed State Sen. Paxton to be the next Attorney General of Texas.

When questioned by Breitbart Texas on the leading reason for the endorsement, HPOU President Ray Hunt said, “The decision our political action committee made to endorse Senator Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General was based on his comments regarding what he will do as attorney general as well as his responses to committee members’ questions.”

Hunt, said in a release, “On behalf of the men and women of the Houston Police Officers’ Union Political Action Committee we are proud to announce our support of Senator Ken Paxton in the Republican Primary Run-Off Election for Texas Attorney General.  Senator Paxton has been a great friend and supporter of working street officers and understands the dangers police officers face daily.  Therefore, it is our honor to support Senator Ken Paxton and encourage voters in Texas to do the same.”

The endorsement follows a double-digit first place showing over run-off opponent State Representative Dan Branch in the 2014 Joint Primary Election. On Monday Breitbart Texas reported a letter signed by a considerable number of Texas’ most conservative legislators sent to Branch requesting that he withdraw from the run-off election. Branch declined to withdraw as the Wednesday deadline to remove himself lapsed. Despite a 2 to 1 spending deficit, Paxton prevailed over Branch in the Primary Election with 44 percent of the vote. He also won both of Branch’s “home counties,” Dallas and Bexar–according to the Paxton campaign’s release.

In accepting the endorsement from the HPOU, Sen. Paxton said, “I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of HPOU, which represents over 5,000 Houston police officers. HPOU advocates for the men and women who put their life on the line each day in the streets of Texas’ largest city. The bravery and sacrifice of Houston’s finest will not be taken for granted, and as Attorney General I look forward to working with these officers to make cities safer for Texas families.”

Paxton previously secured the endorsement of several former U.S. Department of Justice law enforcement leaders including two former U.S. Attorneys and several Assistant U.S. Attorneys.  In his endorsement statement former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas Matt Orwig (appointed by President George W. Bush) said, “As a former U.S. Attorney, I know how important it is to have an effective, principled conservative leader in the position of Texas Attorney General. Ken Paxton is an authentic conservative who studied at one of the nation’s top law schools. Those who have worked with Senator Paxton are impressed by his keen legal analysis and ability to skillfully navigate complex issues. He’s a man we can trust to represent our state well and not compromise on matters of principle.”

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