Texas Rep. McCaul: Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight a 'Deliberate Act'

Texas Rep. McCaul: Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight a 'Deliberate Act'

Texas Representative and Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Mike McCaul asserted that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished with 239 people on board, “was not an accident. It was an intentional, deliberate act to bring down this airplane,” on Fox News Sunday.

“We don’t have any evidence this was terrorist-related, although you can’t rule that you,” McCaul continued. He went on to express a strong belief that a pilot deliberately caused the disappearance. 

“From all the information I’ve been briefed on… something was going on with the pilot,” he said. “I think this all leads towards the cockpit.” 

McCaul added that it is unlikely that the plane landed safely. If the aircraft did indeed crash, it “unfortunately probably killed 239 people,” he said. 

Numerous other influential figures agree with McCaul’s theory. Making such arguments stronger is the fact that trained staff on the flight appear to have turned off communication prior to the plane’s disappearance. 

According to Politico, Managing Director of the National Transportation Safety Board, Peter Goelz, said there “is damning evidence that indicates something was going on in the flight deck.” Similarly, the Malaysian prime minister said the mystery appeared to be a “deliberate” act.

The Fox News Sunday segment may be viewed below, courtesy of Breitbart TV.

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