Rick Perry Blasts Obama for Latest Obamacare Delay

Rick Perry Blasts Obama for Latest Obamacare Delay

Texas Governor Rick Perry wasted no time in blasting President Obama’s latest executive decision to delay the Obamacare deadline for enrollment through April. According to the decision, individuals will be granted more time if they have not completed the sign-up process after the original date of March 31, 2014.

“Whether it’s deadlines or red lines, it’s clear we can’t trust President Obama to back up what he says,” Perry fired referring to recent health insurance and foreign policy decision.

Perry dug deeper, arguing: “In every policy decision he makes we see a feckless, meandering and muddled strategy that ultimately leaves the administration, and increasingly the United States, embarrassed by the lack of conviction and discipline we expect and deserve from the leader of the free world.”

Governor Perry’s rhetoric continues amid increasing pressure from left-of-center advocacy groups pressing states that resisted the expansion of Medicaid in the Obamacare roll-out to change their policies. The Commonwealth Fund recently authored a report arguing that resistant states tend to bear the largest portion of responsibility for those in need, according to The Hill.

In an email statement to Breitbart Texas, Perry’s office rejected any notion that Medicaid expansion was still necessary.

“President Obama himself has called Medicaid a broken program, and Medicaid expenditures already take up 1/3 of Texas’ budget,” the statement read. “Expanding Medicaid in Texas would only lower the uninsured rate by three percentage points, while straining an already struggling program and consuming billions of additional taxpayer dollars. The governor continues to call for flexibility to implement state-based reforms to the existing Medicaid program.”

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