Ted Cruz Stirs 2016 Speculation with New Video

Ted Cruz Stirs 2016 Speculation with New Video

The Ted Cruz for Senate YouTube account broke with its usual offerings of fast-edit news clips and suspenseful soundtracks this week with an upload that–despite the junior Senator’s 2018 re-election date–may lead casual viewers to believe he could be on a ballot sooner. The near-two minute web ad “Ted Cruz: Stand for Principle!” features highlights from Cruz’s recent CPAC 2014 speech with all the one-liners indicative of a national campaign.

Sources close to the Cruz camp have remained coy with Breitbart Texas when discerning intentions behind the web ad.

Regardless of true intention, the ad offers rhetoric precisely designed to not only push Tea Party conservatives’ buttons, but potentially attract younger, independent voters that may have their eyes set upon Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

“How do we win? How do we inspire young people? Number one we tell the truth. Defend the Constitution–all of it. Defend the First Amendment, the right to free speech the right to a free press, the right to freedom of religion–and that means not having the IRS ask citizens, ‘tell me the content of your prayers’.”

The ad offers a wink to the civil libertarian crowd as well.

“We need to stand for the Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights–the privacy of every American.”

The multicultural outreach rhetoric recently used by Republican Texas gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott also made the cut with respect to education reform.

“Every child deserves the opportunity to have an excellent education regardless of your race, your class, your creed, where you come from–every child deserves a fair chance at the American Dream.”

Addressing Cruz’s infamous stand against Obamacare in 2013, the ad offers a cute play on words for critics.

“The Democrats said, the mainstream media said ‘this is hopeless, don’t you understand–just move on, just accept it…you can’t do anything to stop this,’ yes we can.”   

At present, the ad has not reached viral status–boasting less than 8,000 views.

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