Did Wendy Davis 'Blur the Facts' about Not Ducking Obama?

Did Wendy Davis 'Blur the Facts' about Not Ducking Obama?

In April 2010, Michael Quinn Sullivan wrote about then-gubernatorial candidate and Houston Mayor Bill White ducking out of town as to not be seen with President Obama during his visit to Texas. Fast forward to 2014, with another visit by President Obama during a gubernatorial election cycle.  This time, Democrat Party nominee, State Senator Wendy Davis, said she would not be ducking the president’s visit. 

Two weeks ago, the Dallas Morning News wrote that “Davis wouldn’t avoid a joint appearance with President Obama when he was in Texas.”  Quoting Davis, “I’m definitely planning on being at the celebration.”  At least Davis did not fly out of town like Mayor White–but she did not make the promised public appearance with the President.

Instead, Sen. Davis opted for a behind closed doors, no-press-allowed, meeting with the President. The Associated Press wrote, “President Barack Obama has met with Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee for governor. The White House says Obama visited briefly with Davis on Thursday at the LBJ Presidential Library in the state capital of Austin.”

Matt Hirsch, spokesman for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign said, “Sen. Davis stated last month that she would not shy away from President Obama’s visit to Texas, yet in another flip-flop, she instead decided to meet with him in secret – away from the public and refusing to mention what they discussed.”

Both the Davis campaign and the White House are refusing to comment on what was discussed.  It makes one wonder who is afraid to be seen with whom.  There are some things the two have in common they common that they we can only speculate they might have discussed.

“We can only assume,” Hirsch continued, “President Obama and Sen. Davis bonded over their shared support of ObamaCare and limiting Second Amendment rights. Texans want a governor who shares their values, not someone who wants to bring Obama’s big government agenda and failed liberal values to our great state.”

In a Dallas Morning News article from December 2013, Gromer Jeffers, Jr., wrote, “The health care law remains the biggest source of contention between the Obama administration and Texas leaders. … [Wendy Davis] said the new health care law (Obamacare) would not only provide health care for the uninsured but boost jobs in the medical industry.”

Or, perhaps, they discussed their shared ambition to deprive gun owners of their Second Amendment rights.  While serving as a Fort Worth City Councilwoman, Sen. Davis attempted to ban gun shows in their city according to an article no longer available on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram but that was reposted on gun forum.

Notwithstanding their discussion topics, it is clear that Wendy Davis ducked a public joint appearance with the President. It is also interesting to note the President did not mention Davis from the podium during his speech at the LBJ Library commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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