Houston Public Schools Spend $250K on Culturally Sensitive Mascots

Houston Public Schools Spend $250K on Culturally Sensitive Mascots

In an effort to please politically correct thought police, the Houston Independent School District announced it will be changing the mascot names at four local schools.

This move is part of Superintendent Terry Grier’s policy change from last December to ban mascots deemed culturally insensitive.

The following schools will be changing their name:

  • Lamar High School’s Redskins are now the Texans.
  • Welch Middle School Warriors are now the Wolf Pack
  • Westbury Rebels are now the Huskies
  • Hamilton Middle School Indians will also be known as the Huskies

School officials have said that tax payers will spend $250,000 changing the mascot’s emblems and colors on school property.  

It should be noted that the Black Middle School “Panthers,” will not change their name despite protest from critics.

Syndicated conservative talk radio personality Michael Berry spoke about the school district’s decision during the evening broadcast of his program on April 16. 

“They changed the name ‘Indians’ because it was offensive, but kept ‘Cowboys’?  These people can’t be trusted to teach our children, they lack basic reasoning skills. A mascot is a team name, not an insult. No self-respecting Indian would ever resent being called a ‘Warrior.’ I think the late ‘Ultimate Warrior’ considered himself to be tough, and that goofball Sheila Jackson Lee has called herself an ‘Unhappy Warrior’.”

The Ultimate Warrior was a professional wrestler who died last week of heart failure at age 54. Fellow professional Wrestler Tatanka was unavailable for comment before press time.

Ken Webster Jr. is the executive producer of Walton & Johnson and a contributing producer to The Michael Berry Show. Follow him on Twitter @ProducerKen