Losing Influence: 6 Great DC Media Failures of 2015

We will never be fully rid of the DC Media. Like the garbage-in/manure-out maggots they are, the DC Media will always be a rancid part of the circle of political life. The political left is, if nothing else, relentless, and


Harry Reid: Redskins ‘Bribed’ Indian Tribes

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who has obsessed over the franchise name of the Washington Redskins for months, claims that team owner Daniel Snyder “bribed” Native Americans to support the Redskins moniker and accused the NFL of ignoring that issue while prioritizing Deflategate.


Robert Griffin III Denies Liking Instagram Post Knocking Redskins

After Robert Griffin’s account III “liked” an Instagram post criticizing Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and the front office while praising him, the quarterback posted a message on social media denying he had personally “liked” the post.


Western NY School District Replaces ‘Redskins’ with ‘Legends’

On Monday night, the Lancaster School Board in New York unanimously approved replacing “Redskins” with “Legends” for the district’s sports teams. The new nickname, replacing the 70-year-old “Redskins” moniker, brings with it a new mascot and logo.

Redskins Lancaster NY AP

Prank Call Derails ESPN Radio Show

ESPN 980 (WTEM-AM) in Washington, D.C. had planned to install a new radio show on March 16 featuring two personalities, one of whom had a history of criticizing Washington Redskins management, when the show’s debut was derailed by a few prank calls purporting to come from ESPN management.


Redskins Call Trademark Ban Unconstitutional in Appeal

The Washington Redskins defend their use of the team’s nickname by claiming that a federal ban on several of their trademarks infringes on the team’s right to free speech. The federal case against the team derives from the supposition that the term “Redskins” disparages Native Americans.

Redskins Field AP

Anti-Redskins Group Posts Ad with Team Logo Removed

The anti-Redskins activist group “Change The Mascot” has posted a new video featuring the Washington Redskins with team logos blanked out to prove, the group says, that a Redskins game remains football without the logo.


NFL Civil Rights Group Says ‘Redskins Name Has to Be Changed’

Leaders of a prominent civil rights organization, with a stated mission to promote racial diversity and equality of opportunities in the NFL, is imposing maximum pressure on Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of his team.


Gruden Brothers Retain Football Jobs

Jon Gruden remains with Monday Night Football through 2021. Brother Jay stays with the Washington Redskins next year. Gruden the Older signed a contract extension with ESPN to call games for the next seven years. Broadcast partner Mike Tirico announced

Gruden Brothers Retain Football Jobs