Houston Cop Charged with Protecting Narco-Traffickers

Houston Cop Charged with Protecting Narco-Traffickers

36-year-old Marcos E. Carrion, a former police officer in Houston, surrendered himself to authorities after being charged with allegedly “conspiring with others to possess with the intent to distribute” cocaine, according to the FBI

A spokesman with the Houston Police Department (HPD) told Breitbart Texas that Carrion joined the force in March 2009. He was assigned to the South Gessner Patrol Division where he worked as an officer for five years. 

Authorities told Breitbart Texas that Carrion resigned in February 2014 after being investigated for charges that he worked with drug dealers to distribute at least five kilograms of cocaine. 

A local report stated that beginning in mid-2013, Carrion allegedly worked with drug dealers in his area by providing them with security, according to KPRC-TV Houston. 

Unnamed sources told Houston reporter Jace Larson that federal agents “got word” Carrion was acting as a lookout for dealers. After looking into Carrion’s phone records, suspicion rose further. 

KPRC reported that in July 2013, investigators acting undercover then contacted Carrion. They asked the officer if he would serve as a lookout during a drug deal in exchange for $5,000 cash. Carrion reportedly consented and said he would simultaneously “run” license plates of other individuals in the area. 

Unnamed sources also reportedly told KPRC that Carrion carried out his alleged corrupt activities while armed and in uniform. 

At this point, it is unknown how federal agents ultimately learned of Carrion’s alleged activity. 

“70 percent of our Internal Affairs investigations are generated internally, meaning someone within the department raised concerns,” an HPD spokesperson told Breitbart Texas. “Less than one-third or our Internal Affairs are generated by the general public.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office told Breitbart Texas that no further information can be provided on the case at this time. 

Carrion faces at least 10 years in federal prison if found guilty of the charges against him. He could spend life behind bars and be given a $10 million fine, according to the FBI. 

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