Tattooed Texas Man Allegedly Stabs 3-Year-Old

Tattooed Texas Man Allegedly Stabs 3-Year-Old

Jose Guillermo Molina, a 21-year-old man, was arrested for allegedly stabbing a 3-year-old on a playground. 

The incident took place in the courtyard of an apartment complex in northeast Houston, according to KPRC-Houston radio

Molina is being charged with injury to a child, due to the reported neck wound received by the victim.

According to police, the child was standing in the back of an apartment building at the 200 block of West Little York.

When the mother of the child heard screaming, she ran outside. When she found her son, she claims Molina allegedly had a knife inserted into the back of his neck. She reportedly begged him not to remove it, for fear of massive blood loss. 

The mother claims he did not adhere to her request and instead allegedly pulled the knife out and stabbed her son a second time. After allegedly threatening to stab her as well, he dropped the boy, grabbed the knife and went across the street.

A neighbor told reporters at KPRC, “He grabbed the little boy by his hair, pulled the neck back, stabbed him in the neck three times. After he stabbed him, he put the little boy on the ground and he put his knee on the little boy’s chest and he was trying to choke him.”

Molina was arrested a short time later and the little boy was rushed to Memorial Herman Hospital where he is currently in stable condition.

According to neighbors, Molina lives next door to the reported victim and his family.

Molina has previously been convicted and served time for criminal mischief and assaulting his own mother, according to local reports.

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