Wendy Davis Spokesman: Greg Abbott Is a 'Chicken'

Wendy Davis Spokesman: Greg Abbott Is a 'Chicken'

The Davis for Governor camp couldn’t help but throw all caution to the wind and take yet another swipe at Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, who is also the GOP nominee for governor.  Sen.Wendy Davis , the Democratic challenger,  has repeatedly attacked Abbott on his Educating Texans public education plan, twisting and misrepresenting the facts, as Breitbart Texas has reported

Most recently, on April 29, Abbott, was on his way to Lubbock for a press conference that was part of his K-12 campaign roll-out.  Similar to when he criss-crossed the state to unveil the first phase of his education plan for pre-kindergarten to grade 3, Abbott has been on the road, introducing the second phase for K-12.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on Abbott’s side and his airplane met up with some fierce winds, forcing him to be rerouted from Lubbock to Abilene.  The cancellation, however, prompted the Davis campaign to falsely and publicly speculate over Twitter that Abbott did not make it Lubbock on purpose.

Perhaps the attack directed at Abbott came amidst the wreckage of some wind being taken out of Davis’ sails, first when top spokesman Bo Delp dumped the campaign and secondly, following the news that Democratic Governor’s Association decided against investing Davis as a top-tier candidate as Breitbart Texas reported.

It was Delp’s replacement,  Zac Petkanas, who fallaciously tweeted: “Greg Abbott too chicken to follow through on press conference at Lubbock school district where he’s involved in another courtroom lawsuit.” 

Petkanas is a former aide to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  He was alleging that Abbott, who as Texas Attorney General, is representing the state in a lawsuit filed by school districts, including Lubbock Independent School District over school funding, cancelled on purpose. 

This was not true. Even Lubbock  NBC-11 affiliate (KCBD) reported the facts about Abbott’s cancellation centering around the violent weather that hindered air traffic visibility.  They also included coverage that illustrated the extent to which air travelers were impacted by a full blown dust storm, speaking to deplaned passengers and calling it a “white knuckle ride” filled with “heart-stopping moments.”  The report characterized the winds as causing even the “most confident passenger to be worried.” 

KCBD even interviewed Abbott, in which they reported he had to cancel his appearance because of weather conditions. Abbott told KCBD by phone: “We were flying in and the sky started getting orange. You could tell we had a dust storm. This is still about 100 miles away or so… Then, as we got closer and closer, the air got denser and denser – so much so that we couldn’t even see.”

To his credit, Abbott spoke with the outlets the weather-related cancellation caused  A-J Media was one of those outlets. They reported, “Abbott made time for a phone interview…from Abilene, where skies were clearer and he was able to make his next scheduled campaign stop.  Abbott explained the sky was getting more and more orange as they flew closer to Lubbock for his 1:10pm presentation at Lubbock High School, and what he thought to be a good ol’ fashioned West Texas dust storm turned into zero visibility, like a dense fog.”

Abbott also told A-J Media, “Sorry we could not be there in person.”

In the report, the local news outlet covered the details of the second phase of Abbott’s Educating Texas concluding, “What he couldn’t do in person, he did on the phone.”

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