Man Admits to 'Cartel Threats' on Texas Billboards

Man Admits to 'Cartel Threats' on Texas Billboards

A man from Las Vegas, Nevada admitted to vandalizing two billboards in El Paso, Texas by painting “cartel-style” threats and hanging mannequins from them. 

According to Fox News Latino, Ryan Jean was arrested as he attempted to board a plane in El Paso. The man subsequently told police that he altered the billboards as a way to protest the drug war in the U.S.

Breitbart Texas reported on the billboards when they were first discovered on May 23. 

One of the vandalized signs on highway I-10 said “Plata o Plomo,”  which translates into “silver or lead.” Reports state that this message is usually meant as a threat to government officials from cartels in Mexico. Prior to Jean’s arrest the threat was perceived my many as a message that a cartel was prepared to use violence if police refused to cooperate with them. 

A mannequin, dressed in a suit and tie, was found hanging from the sign via a noose.

A second vandalized billboard was subsequently discovered on the same highway. This one was originally a sign advertising a $5 million reward from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for turning in Rafael Caro Quintero, a drug lord. 

“Dying for drugs,” was painted across the billboard. The DEA sign also sported a hanging mannequin, this one dressed in jeans. 

Reports state that the billboards prompted numerous 9-11 calls from concerned citizens in the area. 

According to KHOU, El Paso police issued a statement prior to Jean’s arrest that said, “This symbol has historically been used by Mexican drug cartels to threaten or intimidate Mexican citizens, business owners and government officials; however, we have never experienced this in El Paso.”

Jean was ultimately caught after investigators found his fingerprints on a plastic bag used to create the head of one of the mannequins, according to Fox News Latino. 

He faces graffiti, criminal trespassing, and criminal mischief charges.

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