Wendy Davis Rakes in Cash from Liberal States as Texans Reject Her

Wendy Davis Rakes in Cash from Liberal States as Texans Reject Her

Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis wants to be Governor of Texas, but she has been spending a substantial amount of time fundraising in other states. It has now been revealed that Davis raised $3.6 million outside of the state. 

According to the Associated Press (AP), Davis has financial backers in every U.S. state and raised more than four times her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Avdiel Huerta, Abbott’s Press Secretary, told Breitbart Texas, “While Greg Abbott makes his pitch to voters about keeping Texas the nation’s leader in job creation, Sen. Davis’ is selling her agenda in DC, New York and California – all places her ideas seem to be more accepted than here in the Lone Star State.”

Despite funneling in money from out-of-state, Davis is still losing in the polls by a significant amount–reports state that she is trailing Abbott by 12 points

“Her campaign crows about an impressive 133,600 individual donors she has enlisted in raising at least $16 million, which approaches the $17 million Abbott has raised since last summer,” the AP reported. “More than one in every four dollars to Davis has come from out of state. More than 90 percent of Abbott’s haul is home-state money.”

Davis appears to have no limits, in terms of fundraising partnerships. 

On May 22, Hollywood superstars J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg hosted a fundraising soiree for Davis. The event, which was held on the roof of Abram’s production company Bad Robot, costs guests $1,000 at the door. A guests’ status at the party depended on how much he or she donated to Davis’ cause–a $10,000 contribution allowed a party-goer to become a co-host; a $25,000 donation constituted host status.

Then in March, the state senator spent time raising money in Chicago. One fundraising event she attended, called “Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch,” was hosted by Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky. Schakowsky is known for her far-left views, which represent the antithesis of Texas’ business-friendly, low tax environment.

Abbott told a crowd at the Texas GOP Convention earlier this month that Davis would be “toxic” as Texas’ governor. 

He said, “We love this state too much to let the next four years in Texas look like th last six years under President Obama. I refuse to let our children be condumed to live… [in a state] where government power overtakes individual freedom. I will not let them California our Texas!”

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