Oracle Protestors Remain as llegal Immigrant Arrival Reports Circulate

Oracle Protestors Remain as llegal Immigrant Arrival Reports Circulate

ORACLE, Arizona–Crowds gathered in Oracle, Arizona earlier this week from an array of political persuasions, clashing over whether one or more buses of illegal immigrant youth should be transferred from overcrowded Texas detention facilities to a rural detention facility for troubled you on the outskirts of the town.

After Murrieta protests over the transfer of illegal aliens from Texas to the Murrieta U.S. Customs and Border Protection station, Arizona residents came out to wave their signs and pronounce their messages.

Pro-legal immigration protesters grew in numbers at a protest site about three miles closer to the boys home than that of the pro-amnesty supporters who sat approximately three miles up the road. Legal immigration proponents gathered peacefully as they prepared for what they thought would be a morning arrival. Signs read, “legally yes, illegally no.

As the morning wore on, a mariachi band showed up on the side of the pro-amnesty crowd at the site of the pro-legal immigration demonstration, along with a number of others from their position, wearing white shirts. The Rapid Response Network, which solicited signups outside a Town Hall meeting in Murrieta during the recent protests there, called on demonstrators sympathetic to their cause to wear white.

Late in the day, Breitbart News called Tim Gaffney, public information officer for the Pinal County Sherriff’s office, regarding reports that the buses were not going to come. Gaffney to Breitbart that the transfer of illegal immigrants was considered cancelled upon notice of a Twitter post by Congressman Raul Grijalva. When Breitbart News subsequently checked the Congressman’s Twitter feed, a post regarding the cancellation was not seen.

After most protestors, news trucks and all but one law enforcement officer had left, reports came in that the cancelation was possibly an erroneous and misleading report. Demonstrator Ron Thompson spoke with Breitbart News concerning the reports he received that the buses were still on their way. He has been moving to call back what pro-legal immigration supporters he can to be prepared to turn back buses should they arrive. He stated that demonstrators plan to physically block the buses and more if need be, but declined to comment what further measures were being considered.

It is not clear at this point whether buses will indeed attempt to complete the trip to the boy’s camp in Peppersauce Canyon where reports were that they would drop off the 40 to 60 illegal immigrant minors.


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