Houston Conservatives Bring Compassion to Falfurrias

Houston Conservatives Bring Compassion to Falfurrias

FALFURRIAS, Texas–“Is there another lunch for my brother?” a little girl in Falfurrias, Texas asks a volunteer from the Houston area who has come to the impoverished town to bring help and hope. Members of the First Baptist Church of Seabrook (FBC) just completed their annual mission work to this small South Texas community.

Mary Huls and her husband Dale Huls have been making the pilgrimage to this poor community along with other members of the FBC to help feed the poor and bring a message of hope from their church for several years. The Huls also serve in Houston in the Clear Lake Tea Party which they helped to found several years ago.

The mission work began eight years ago when FBC Seabrook’s Pastor Rob Purdy attended a worship service in the Falfurrias FBC. Pastor Jerry Barker of Falfurrias FBC and Purdy became friends. Purdy committed his word to bring help. FBC Falfurrias runs a food bank for the local community. Most of the customers of this food bank ministry were second and third generation Americans who had migrated to Texas from Mexico Mary Huls said in an interview with Breitbart Texas.

“These are people who are trapped in poverty by the welfare system that functions as a barrier to the American dream,” Huls said. She told Breitbart Texas the local community is filled with government housing areas. “There are no less than eight government housing projects that range from twenty to over one hundred apartments,” she said.

“FBC Seabrook began offering a series of mini ‘Back Yard Bible Clubs’ featuring stories from the Bible, mission stories, songs, crafts and food,” Huls explained.

She said she has seen many of the children grow over the years she has been returning to this community.

Mary and Dale Huls also visit the Falfurrias area frequently in their work with Texas Border Volunteers, a group of average Americans who are concerned about the violations of state and local laws by illegal immigrants who are dropped in the rancher’s fields of Brooks County surrounding Falfurrias.

Over one hundred of the illegal immigrants died last year and nearly forty-five have already died this year at the beginning of the hot season of death in Brooks County. The Texas Border Volunteers work closely with the ranchers to try and find as many of the illegal immigrants as possible before they succumb to the heat and lack of water. They report their findings and observations to the Border Patrol or local sheriff to capture the migrants.

In her work with the FBC mission, Huls observed the part of Falfurrias that doesn’t make the news. “There is a face of Falfurrias that is seldom seen,” she said. “It’s the face of a people who are committed Americans, complete with USA and Texas flags in their yards, who are being over-looked.”

“These folks have totally bought into the American dream,” Huls continued.  “They name their kids Taylor, Gilbert, Joslyn and Kaitlyn rather than Juan, Manuel or Maria.  They keep up their homes in the projects with a quiet dignity and encourage their children to attend our mission clubs.”

“While our nation’s focus is being trained on juvenile illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico, generations of legal immigrants endure in government guaranteed poverty,” she concluded. “FBC Seabrook demonstrates the compassion of The Lord Jesus Christ by serving those folks.”

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.