Alcohol at Texas Gun Shows Currently Being Considered

Alcohol at Texas Gun Shows Currently Being Considered

HOUSTON, Texas — The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is currently meeting about a proposal to let consumers buy alcohol at gun shows, Breitbart Texas has learned. 

“The commission is meeting about the issue right now,” a TABC spokeswoman told Breitbart Texas on Tuesday morning. 

The commission’s website stated, “TABC is proposing changes that would allow alcohol service to continue throughout the gun show if certain requirements are met.” Such requirements include not allowing live ammunition, firearms that are disabled and not ready for use, and no delivery of firearms on the premises. 

The rules, if passed, would predominantly affect venues that sell alcohol but also host historical re-enactments.

TABC announced the proposition in early August. During the subsequent 30 days, the commission sought comments and thoughts on the proposal from the public. The Associated Press (AP) reported that “the plan caused uproar” after its announcement. 

TABC Communications Director Carolyn Beck told Breitbart Texas that the commission has been getting mixed feedback from groups an individuals on both sides of the gun issue. “We’ve also been getting lots of feedback from people who think alcohol shouldn’t be sold at gun shows at all,” she said. “They think its a bad idea.”

Beck added that other gun shows don’t want to sell alcohol, but pointed out that under the proposed rules venues would not be forced to do so. 

The commission initially proposed the changes after being contacted by a gun show in Dallas that wanted to sell alcohol. After receiving “hundreds of responses” on the issue, the commission staff reportedly recommended that the proposal be withdrawn. 

Texas law currently prohibits licensed concealed carriers from bringing their guns into bars, according to the AP.

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