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Poll: Abbott Has Double-Digit Lead Over Davis

Poll: Abbott Has Double-Digit Lead Over Davis

HOUSTON, Texas — The outlook has gotten bleaker for Texas State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, as a fresh Rasmussen poll shows her trailing opponent and Attorney General Greg Abbott by 11 points. 

According to the poll, Abbott gets 51 percent of the vote and Davis only gets 40 percent. These figures suggest that Abbott has gained support since August, when a Rasmussen poll showed the Attorney General at 48 percent and Davis at 40 percent. 

Rasmussen’s analysis of the poll’s results show that Davis’ attempt to appeal to women is not working. “Davis has criticized Abbott for his positions on women’s issues, but only 24% of voters in Texas think there is really a political ‘war on women,”” Rasmussen reported. “Sixty-one percent (61%) believe that is primarily a slogan used for political purposes instead. This is consistent with voter attitudes nationally.”

The polling data was collected just two nights after the second governor’s debate, and its results were released about one more away from November’s elections. 

During both governor’s debates, Davis ignored the moderator and attempted to dodge questions.

In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, during the first debate, Davis had a meltdown at one point during a conversation about education. The State Senator, who became very defensive after Abbott gave his answer, spoke when she was not supposed to and even interrupted a moderator multiple times–despite being told that it was not her turn to speak. 

The moderator told her several times to stop speaking. “These are rules we all agreed upon,” the moderator said until Davis finally quieted.

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