Does Breitbart Texas Want Ebola Nurse's Dog to Die?

Does Breitbart Texas Want Ebola Nurse's Dog to Die?

Editor’s Note from Managing Director: In an effort to provide more voices and perspectives for our readers, Breitbart Texas decided to publish this excerpt from the Houston Press.

Breitbart Texas wants Dallas Ebola patient Nina Pham’s dog to die. Or at least that’s our take-away from two alarmist articles suggesting that the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, like one of those fast-moving zombies in 28 Days Later, only with more hair, might infect every last one of us.

Pham’s “dog remained in her apartment for over 24 hours following her diagnosis,” Kristin Tate wrote for Breitbart. “It is possible that the pet has Ebola — CDC studies have found that dogs may carry and be a source of the deadly virus.”

True. It’s also possible the dog has fleas. We just don’t know!

The dog, Buckley, is in the custody of Dallas Animal Services at an “undisclosed facility.”

Richard Hill, spokesman for Dallas’ Office of Emergency management “speculated the dog would be monitored for signs of the virus for 21 days, the same period used for people who may have come into contact with the virus,” according to NBC.

So far, Bentley’s doing better than Excalibur, the dog euthanized by Madrid health officials after his owner, a nurse’s assistant, contracted Ebola.

Read more at Houston Press.


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