Border Patrol Desperate for Female Agents

Border Patrol Desperate for Female Agents

HOUSTON, Texas — While 95 percent of U.S. Border Patrol agents are men, officials are taking steps to increase the number of female agents. 

Border Patrol recently posted a job listing for new agents that is “restricted to female applicants only.” 

The pay is $39,012.00 to $44,403.00 per year. 

” Discover a challenging and rewarding career with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the sole organization responsible for securing the nation’s borders,” the job listing says. “CBP employees protect our Nation’s borders from terrorism, human and drug smuggling, illegal migration, and agricultural pests while simultaneously facilitating the flow of legitimate travel and trade. The border patrol agent position starts at a salary of $39,012 (GL-5 grade level), with promotion potential to $69,497 (GS-12 grade level).”

CBP is looking for female agents in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, according to the job description. 

Female Border Patrol agents are required to pass the same physical exams and background checks as men. Spanish speaking abilities are also required. 

Yesenia Leon, a female Border Patrol agent who works out of El Paso, told local news outlet KHOU, “We want females in our agency and I hope a lot of females apply. Honestly I never thought I would apply for the position, but after serving in the military I decided I wanted to keep serving my country.”

Female Border Patrol agents were in high demand over the summer, when 70,000 mothers and children from Central America crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. 

“We’d like to have the opportunity for a woman to pat down another woman should the need arise,” Border Patrol agent Marcela Benson told KHOU.  

It is easy to imagine that CBP is having a difficult time recruiting new Border Patrol agents, of both genders, given how dangerous and thankless the job can be. 

Border Patrol agents are often assaulted by illegal aliens, and then attacked in the media if they attempt to defend themselves using force. 

The Obama Administration has additionally had a seemingly negative attitude towards Border Patrol. 

Senator Ted Cruz told Breitbart Texas in June, “With respect to securing the border, the Obama Administration has handcuffed the courageous men and women who serve in Border Patrol. Morale in ICE is at an all-time low because the political operatives leading this Administration are preventing them from doing their job and upholding the law.

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