More ‘Official’ Things in Texas!

Texas Capitol with Cowboy
Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price

The 84th bi-annual session of the State legislature left us with money for roads and schools, and its “Hall of Shame” for senators and representatives not doing their jobs, but the group also left Austin with some new additions to the Lore of the Lone Star State… including “Lone Star State,” which became the official nickname of Texas.

In a slew of resolutions, now signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, these items are now “Official” for Texas:

  • Cowboy Hat, the official headgear for Texas
  • “Lone Star State” now the official nickname
  • Western Honeybee, official state pollinator
  • “Wedding Capital of Texas” is now Dripping Springs
  • “National Day of the Cowboy” the fourth Saturday in July
  • “Butterfly Capital of Texas” is Jasper, in Jasper County
  • “Vaquero Capital of Texas” Jim Hogg County
  • “Grape Capital of Texas” Terry County
  • “State Crustacean” is the Texas Gulf Shrimp
  • #Texas the official hashtag of the state
  • #txlege the official hashtag of the Legislature
  • #TexasToDo the official hashtag of Texas tourism
  • “Storybook Capital of Texas” Abilene

Some of those may come as surprises, or prompt a bit of head-scratching, but they all mean a great deal to the cities or industries involved. Jasper will get tourists to see the Monarch Butterflies in October. Abilene houses the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature, and is building a sculpture garden for characters from children’s books.

The Cowboy Hat represents Texas around the world, and the “Lone Star State” has been the “other name” for Texas for a very long time.

No mystery on Dripping Springs, which hosts thousands of weddings every year, or Terry County, near Lubbock, which grows more grapes than all other counties in the state, combined!

The designation of the Texas Gulf Shrimp will be used for marketing the 100% Texas product, since the majority of shrimp sold in the United States comes from Asia.

We thought you would like to check out other “Official” and “Capital” designations, per Wikipedia and the Texas Almanac. But just wait, in 2017 the legislature will probably add to this list as well.

State motto: Friendship

State song: Texas, Our Texas

State sport: Rodeo

State Team sport: American Football

State pie: Pecan

State dish: Chili

State Snack: Tortilla chips & Salsa

State pepper: Jalapeño

State fish: Guadalupe bass

State fruit: Texas red grapefruit

State gem: Texas blue topaz

State insect: Monarch butterfly

State epic poem: The Legend of Old Stone Ranch, by John Worth Cloud

Cowboy Hat Capital of Texas: Garland

Alligator Capital of Texas: Anahuac

Home of the Official Kolache of the Texas Legislature: West

Horned Lizard Capital of Texas: Kenedy

State domino game: 42

State folk dance: Square dance

State Music: Western Swing

Instrument: Guitar

Molecule: Buckyball

Grass: Sideoats Grama

Fiber & Fabric: Cotton

Air Force: Commemorative Air Force

Ship: Battleship Texas (BB-35)

Shrub: Crape Myrtle

Shrub (native) Texas Sage

Shell: Lightning Whelk

Plant: Prickly Pear Cactus

Flower: Bluebonnet

Tree: Pecan

Bird: Northern Mockingbird

Mammal (small) Nine banded Armadillo

Mammal (Large): Texas Longhorn

Mammal (flying) Mexican free tail Bat

Dog: Blue Lacy

Cooking Implement: Dutch Oven

Nut: Pecan

Vegetable: Texas Sweet Onion

Dinosaur:   Brachiosaur Sauropod

Stone: Petrified Palmwood

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