Source of Car Fire at Texas Capitol Under Investigation

Texas Capitol Car Fire
Photo: Twitter/@caitmeise

A car burst into flames just outside of the Texas State Capitol in Austin right after 2 p.m. on Friday. The dark colored car was parked on the south side of the Capitol outside the entrance to the building. The source of the car fire, and any danger to the building, or those in it, is under investigation.

Breitbart Texas learned that firefighters, and troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), have responded. One witness to the fire told this writer the fire spread to the white SUV parked next to the darker colored car. A Segway tour bus was reported to be nearby. The bus was cleared.

Firemen from the Austin Fire Department were photographed breaking the windows of the car.

Around 2:30 p.m., Brittney Martin, a reporter for The Dallas Morning News tweeted “Looks like the car’s toast, but fire’s out.”

The car was located just yards from the south entrance of the Capitol.

DPS and the Austin Fire Department is investigating the source of the fire. No sounds of an explosion have been reported. 

Kimmie Nemecek reported on Twitter that the car belongs to a staffer in the Capitol who works in the Sergeant at Arms office in the Texas House.

Breitbart Texas will update this story when it has more information from DPPS at the Capitol. As of time of publication, DPS was investigating the fire.

Elsewhere in the world of Twitter, commentary on the current Texas heatwave prompted the following tweet.

Fires in proximity to the State’s seat of government seem to happen too often. In 1881, the Texas Capitol Building burned to the ground. This led to the redesign and construction of today’s building which is the largest of all U.S. state capitols.

Historical Photo: Austin Fire Museum

Historical Photo: Austin Fire Museum

The adjacent Texas Governor’s Mansion was also the victim of fire. In June, 2008 arsonists set the home of then-Governor Rick Perry ablaze.  Perry was out of town at the time.

Texas Governor's Mansion nearly destroyed by fire in 2008. AP Photo/Harry Cabluck

Texas Governor’s Mansion nearly destroyed by fire in 2008. AP Photo/Harry Cabluck

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