Border Patrol Union Recognized for Communications Program: Audience Reminded ‘#PoliceLivesMatter’

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The National Border Patrol Agents Council (NBPC) vice-president received a communications award from the nation’s largest employee union, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The award recognized the Border Patrol union’s “The Green Line” podcast. During his acceptance of the award at the AFGE national convention in Orlando, Florida, the NBPC executive reminded the audience that police lives matter.

The Clyde M. Webber Award for General Excellence in Labor Communications was accepted by NBPC Vice-President Shawn Moran following the presentation by AFGE President J. David Cox. The award is the the AFGE’s top award for communications.

“I am just one union representative, one Border Patrol agent that gets to present our issues to the public,” NBPC Vice-President Shawn Moran told Breitbart Texas. “This recognition shows that people value the work of Border Patrol agents and honor the sacrifices that have been made. Now it is time to get the sacrifice of Javier Vega recognized as a line of duty death and to further help protect agents working hard every day against all threats.”

Citing a team effort, Moran stood before the AFGE audience and thanked the NBPC executive board for their support in carrying the message of the union to those they represent. He then shifted his comments to the members of his union. “But this job is not handled just by myself or by Thane, but by a team of Border Patrol agents who are out there every day doing what our mottos says: Protecting Those Who Protect Our Borders,” Moran stated. “Without them we would not be standing here on this stage today.”


Moran dedicated the award to fallen Border Patrol agents who have lost their lives in the line of duty since the last convention. Those were, “Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega, Jr., gunned down in front of his family by two previously deported illegal aliens, and our former Executive VP Rich Pierce who succumbed to cancer two years ago,” Moran said during his speech.

“I want to speak to an issue important to our union reps who are here today and to Border Patrol agents nationwide,” Moran continued. “We realize that LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) are a minority in this federation and that our positions are not always popular. Police officers, Correctional officers, and Border Patrol agents are union members…your brothers and sisters…not the enemy or some faceless oppressor.”

“120 Border Patrol agents have made the ultimate sacrifice, they deserve respect not vilification,” he said. “I’d like to quote the guiding principle of the National Law Enforcement memorial in Washington DC:  It is Proverbs 28:1 ‘The wicked flee though no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as lions.’”

“This nation is one built on the rule of law,” he concluded. “Police Lives Matter.”

NBPC Award

The NBPC also was recognized for the best photo collage in reference to a border tour with the AFGE President, and the 2014 Training and Business Meeting video from San Antonio received the nod for the best video.

Moran told Breitbart Texas, the podcast was heavily cited in the decision to present the award to the union that he represents. Moran said “We use a broad scope of communication tools to reach our members and to engage them through various platforms.”

Moran hosts “The Green Line” with his sidekick, Thane Gallagher. The duo discuss matters of importance to the 17,000 men and women of the Border Patrol whom they represent. Breitbart Texas is proud to be a sponsor of this twice-weekly broadcast.

Breitbart Texas is proud to be a sponsor of this twice-weekly broadcast.

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