Texas Governor Calls for Statewide ‘Stand with Law Enforcement’

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for police officers across the state of Texas to honor the funeral of slain Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth on Friday. The Governor asks that all police officers across the state “stand with law enforcement” by turning on their emergency lights for one-minute to mark the beginning of the deputy’s funeral being held in Houston.

“Respect and pride in our law enforcement must be restored in this state and nation,” said Governor Abbott in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “It is time to unite in solidarity to support the men and women who serve and protect our communities. I ask that communities across Texas support this cause for unity and remember the essential role that law enforcement plays in keeping Texas safe and strong.”

Abbott announced a procession of law enforcement patrol cars will gather at the north drive of the Texas Capitol on Friday morning as a show of unity.

The Governor’s statement calls for the following:

  • WHO: All Law Enforcement Officers
  • WHAT: Law Enforcement Patrol Cars Turn On Red And Blue Flashing Lights
  • WHEN: Friday, September 4th, 11:00AM CT

Civilian vehicles could also show a statement of support for Goforth’s family and all law enforcement officers by turning on their headlights and emergency flashers at the designated time.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick joined in Abbott’s call for honoring the fallen deputy. “I challenge all Texans to think about how underappreciated our officers must feel, how dangerous their jobs are, how they leave their families everyday not knowing if they are coming home and more importantly,” Patrick wrote in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas, “if there is anything you can do to help make their job a little easier.”

The Lt. Governor suggested the following as a way for the public to show support for law enforcement:

  • Start calling our officers sir and ma’am all of the time. It’s a show of respect they deserve
  • Every time you see an officer anywhere, let them know you appreciate their service to our community and you stand with them
  • If you are financially able, when you see them in a restaurant on duty pick up their lunch check, send over a dessert, or simply stop by their table briefly and say thank you for their service
  • Put their charities on your giving list
  • If your local law enforcement has volunteer-citizen job opportunities, sign up

Patrick asked Texans to join him in prayer to support fallen law enforcement officers. He will be attending a special service at the First Baptist Church of Conroe Wednesday night at 5:15 p.m. The church is located at 600 North Main Street in Conroe.

This comes in the wake of Deputy Goforth’s brutal assassination, allegedly by a black man named Shannon Miles. The suspect is reported to have, for no other reason that Goforth was wearing a police uniform, fired fifteen rounds from a pistol into the head and back of the deputy.

Over 1,000 people turned out for an impromptu vigil Saturday night at the Chevron station where Goforth was murdered, as reported by Breitbart Texas.

The man accused of shooting Deputy Goforth, Shannon Miles, appeared in court in Houston on Monday morning surrounded by a dozen deputies, as reported by Breitbart Texas.  Miles has been charged with capital murder of a peace officer. The felony charge can include the death penalty.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said the suspect unloaded 15 rounds into the deputy.

Breitbart Texas has reported about the anti-peace officer rhetoric in Texas, and about graffiti images calling for violence against police have appeared on property around Houston, Texas. The emojis show a police officer with a gun pointed to his head.

Law enforcement officials have stated that this anti-police rhetoric must stop.

A Texas woman garnered an unexpected national spotlight on Tuesday after tweeting that a Harris County deputy deserved to be executed was arrested.  Monica Foy tweeted after Deputy Goforth’s death, “I can’t believe so many people care about a dead cop and NO ONE has thought to ask what he did to deserve it. He had creepy perv eyes…,” as reported by Breitbart Texas. Foy was arrested in her home county on an assault warrant out of Houston. The arrest stems from a 2011 incident where she allegedly punched a former co-worker in the face causing bodily injury.

Breitbart Texas reported that funeral services for Deputy Darren Goforth has been set for Friday at 11:00 a.m. at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. The mega-church is the fifth largest in the country and can accommodate thousands of people.

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and an associate judge. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2

Bob Price is the associate editor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.



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