Texas Burglar Kicks in Door of Apartment, Gets Shot by Deputy Who Lives Inside

Harris County Deputy Shoots Burglary Suspect
Photo: Chron.com

HOUSTON, Texas – A burglar who apparently thought he had found an easy target was surprised to find that standing behind an apartment door he had just kicked in was a Harris County Deputy Sheriff who lived in the unit. The deputy fired his weapon and appeared to have struck the suspected burglar who then fled the scene.

An as yet unidentified off-duty Harris County deputy was inside his apartment Tuesday morning about noon when he heard a loud bang on a door that he believed to be his or a neighbors, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ralph Gonzales told Breitbart Texas in a phone interview. The deputy approached his door and looked through the peep hole. He did not see anything at that time and went back further into his apartment. He then heard another loud bang on his door and grabbed his service weapon.

As he approached the door he heard another loud bang and the suspect breached the door and entered the apartment. The deputy fired one shot at the suspect and the suspect fled.

Gonzales said investigators are not certain if the suspect was hit by the deputy’s shot but blood was found at the scene. Witnesses reported the suspect drove away in a red Mitsubishi Galant. Authorities believe a second suspect was in the vehicle.

The suspect is described as a black male with medium complexion. He was said to be wearing a white shirt and dark colored pants. Witnesses described his hairstyle as being a “high-fade haircut.”

Gonzales told Breitbart Texas that investigators are checking all area hospitals in case the suspect seeks treatment for a gunshot wound. As of the time of this publication, the suspect remains at large.

The incident happened in the northwest part of Harris County which surrounds the city of Houston, Texas.

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