Vandalized Greater Church of Lucifer Opens in Texas

Church of Lucifer
Photo: KHOU-CBS11 Video Screenshot

HOUSTON, Texas — The Greater Church of Lucifer opened Friday in a small city just north of Houston. Despite being vandalized this week, the grand opening for the church began on October 30th and runs through November 1st.

The church was vandalized on Thursday when someone allegedly sawed off a branch of a tree and the branch fell on top of their roof. Protestors have been at the site and have, according to neighboring shop owners, sprayed Holy Water on the church.

A leader of the church, Michael W. Ford, told KHOU TV in Houston, “We’re not worshipping the devil. We’re not pushing our views on other people.” He said the church is not worshiping any God at all, but is about the strength of self-reliance and the power of self.”

Ford urges that “The symbol of Lucifer is a symbol of spiritual-rebellion. But also rebellion with a purpose.” He claims his group is not “against Christianity.”

“In the morning there have been chanters, and dancers, and singers right around in here,” Gerri told KHOU TV. She owns a quilting supply next door to the church. She said protesters have sprayed Holy Water on the church and surrounding buildings. She said, “I could live with the church being here. Because I have a feeling after a while it might disappear, you know, if it doesn’t have the exposure. But it’s the anti, the anti-people that are coming in from all over the world here.”

“If somebody were to come and say you can’t be a Christian anymore and it’s illegal to be a Christian we would probably be the first people to stand up for the Christians for their right to believe what they believe,” said church founder Jacob No. He also was reported to say, “We honor their right to believe what they believe. And their right to protest. We can honor that right. There’ll be no resistance from our end because we cherish that right ourselves.”

He added, “We can all coexist. That’s all we want. That’s all we want.”

Protestors have promised to return to the church site again this Halloween weekend.

Texas State Representative Debbie Riddle who represents the area told Breitbart Texas, “Lukewarm Christians will likely yawn and ignore this atrocity in our area. It is clearly a ‘stick in the eye’ to Christians and Jews – a ‘stick in the eye’ to all who value and love the Godly values on which our country was founded. A stick in the eye to God.”

The conservative state representative from Texas continued, “I’m considering gathering a prayer team to pray for deliverance for these people in the evil clutches of the devil himself. This is no time for political correctness but it is a time for spiritual warfare.”

The church is located in Old Town Spring in unincorporated Harris County, Texas. Old Town Spring is a collection of 150 shops, restaurants, and art galleries, located just north of Houston. Many of the original buildings are still in the town, some of them over a hundred years old.

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and an associate judge in Texas. Follow her on Twitter@LanaShadwick2


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