Alien Minors at Border Up 102 Percent — Family Units 171 Percent

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Border crossings by Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and Family Units rose significantly during the first four months of FY 2016 when compared to the same period in FY 2015. Some Border Patrol sectors reported in excess of 500 percent increases in both categories.

These numbers come for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection update released after business hours on Friday evening. The report, obtained by Breitbart Texas, shows shocking increases in the numbers of children and families illegally crossing the border.

In prior years, the overwhelming numbers in both categories had been located in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector in South Texas. The current report shows a trend of crossings increasing all along the U.S. southern border.

In West Texas, the Big Bend Sector showed an increase of UAC crossings of 624 percent while the Yuma Sector in Arizona saw a rise of 697 percent. The El Paso Sector shows an increase of 339 percent (the CBP chart shown below is in error). Even the RGV Sector which has seen massive numbers in years past, showed an increase in excess of 100 percent.

The Laredo, Tucson and San Diego sectors were the only ones to show a decrease in the numbers of UAC crossings. The total number of crossings of UACs along the entire southwest border was up by 102 percent – from 10,105 in Q1 FY15 to 20,455 in Q1 FY16.


Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2016

% Change

Big Bend Sector 83 518 >500%
Del Rio Sector 414 972 135%
El Centro Sector 147 330 124%
El Paso Sector 350 1,186 239%
Laredo Sector 743 997 34%
Rio Grande Sector 6,043 12,289 103%
San Diego Sector 307 493 61%
Tucson Sector 1,849 2,492 35%
Yuma Sector 169 1,178 >500%
Southwest Border Total  10,105 20,455 102%

In what might be described as too-little, too-late, the CBP stated, “Out of an abundance of caution, the Office of Refugee Resettlement at HHS has begun a process to expand its temporary capacity to house unaccompanied children. This is a prudent step to ensure that the Border Patrol can continue its vital national security mission to prevent illegal migration, trafficking, and protect the borders of the United States.”

Not surprisingly, the numbers of Incomplete Family Units (IFU) is also up significantly. Three sectors (Big Bend, El Paso, and Yuma) show increases in excess of 500 percent. Yuma showed an increase of 1033 percent. Again, Tucson, Laredo, and San Diego showed decreases in their numbers.

The total number of IFUs rose from 9090 to 24,616 – 171 percent.


Fiscal Year 2015

Fiscal Year 2016

% Change

Big Bend Sector 90 582 >500%
Del Rio Sector 375 1,310 249%
El Centro Sector 168 405 141%
El Paso Sector 116 1,545 >500%
Laredo Sector 460 632 37%
Rio Grande Sector 6,435 16,359 154%
San Diego Sector 556 678 22%
Tucson Sector 715 1,298 82%
Yuma Sector 175 1,807 >500%
Southwest Border Total  9,090 24,616 171%

While the federal government appears to continue to be shocked by the numbers, Texas officials are not. “I warned about this in a letter from me to Jeh Johnson back at the end of September,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott told the Indian American Chamber of Commerce during a speech in December, as reported by Breitbart Texas’ Lana Shadwick.

In that letter, Abbott stated, “I am writing to express my alarm, and to request your help, regarding the significant increase in immigrants who are once again pouring across our border illegally,” Breitbart Texas Ildefonso Ortiz reported. “According to U.S. Border Patrol reports, nearly 10,000 immigrant families and unaccompanied children were detained after illegally crossing the Southwest border in August, an increase of more than 50 percent over August 2014.” A copy of the letter from Abbott to Sec. Johnson can be found in Ortiz’ article.

As the numbers of UACs and IFUs continue to increase, Abbott reaffirmed Texas’ commitment to defending its border. In December, Abbott announced he will not sit idle while the federal government continues to allow the flood of illegal alien children and families to flood into Texas.

Abbott announced plans to extend the deployment of the Texas National Guard along the border and took action to increase other state law enforcement activities in the region.

“This action would not be necessary if the federal government fulfilled its obligation to secure our nation’s border,” the governor continued. “The problem is compounded by drug cartels and transnational gang enterprises that are involved in this illegal cross-border activity—including human smuggling. My first and foremost responsibility as Governor is to protect the citizens of Texas, with or without the federal government’s help.”

The numbers in this week’s report from the CBP show that Abbott’s concerns were not unfounded.

Note: Tables inserted above were taken from the report.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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