Foreign Minors Pouring Into Texas Again, Says National Border Patrol Council

Border Crisis 2014
Breitbart Texas/Brandon Darby

Texas is beginning to see numbers similar to the unaccompanied minor flood of 2014, according to Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera, who spoke with Breitbart Texas in his capacity as a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). “We are flooded with about 600 unaccompanied minors and family units in one station in the RGV Sector alone,” said Agent Cabrera. The RGV Sector (Rio Grande Valley) has nine Border Patrol stations in total.

“We haven’t seen anything like this since the summer of 2014. The flow is increasing at an alarming rate. If we don’t do something to stem the massive influx, we will likely see numbers that eclipse those of 2014,” said Agent Cabrera. “The cartel groups are tying us up on one end with the family groups and running their narcotics because we are caught up doing babysitting duties.”

The RGV Sector is the easternmost sector on the U.S.-Mexico border and is controlled by various factions of the Mexican Gulf cartel. The Gulf cartel, on average, makes more money from illegal immigration than they do from narcotics–a fact that many open borders advocates do not realize.

The transnational group routinely engages in short-term profit making ventures that ultimately hurt their ability to generate funds in the long-term. It is estimated that the Gulf cartel made over $38,000,000 from the influx of minors and incomplete family units in just a few months of 2014, and the resulting media attention and increased law enforcement presence led to the group resorting to robbery and other simple crimes to meet payroll, as Breitbart Texas reported.

Breitbart Texas blasted the 2014 crisis into the national and international media when we released 43 leaked photos of all nine RGV Sector border patrol stations with crowded, overwhelmed holding cells–cells full of minors in most instances. That story broke in early June of 2014 and within days, then-Governor Rick Perry held a press conference and announced that Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) personnel and the National Guard would be dispatched to the Texas border. Unfortunately, the governor stopped short of sending the personnel to all needed areas. The RGV Sector was bolstered, but the Laredo Sector, also overwhelmed, was left wide open and remained unsupported until the current Texas governor, Greg Abbott, took office.

The numbers of minors, incomplete family units, and others slowly began to decrease after Mexico set up temporary measures to stem the flow–though no significant long-term infrastructure was actually built or created to continue the effort. Mexico’s internal enforcement increased prior to 2014 elections in the U.S. and then then decreased shortly thereafter.

Editor’s Note: The lead photo for this piece was taken in 2014 in the RGV Sector.

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