Travelers Warned to Not Bring Peyote or Marijuana Creams from Mexico

Peyote Gel
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

MCALLEN, Texas — Authorities in this border city are warning travelers about a series of ointments that have peyote or marijuana as their main ingredients. The drugs are being seized at border entry points from individuals who may not have been aware that they were smuggling actual drugs.

According to information provided to Breitbart Texas by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, officers at the international bridges have been encountering the pain creams multiple times in recent days prompting a travel reminder.

“Some cross-border travelers to Mexico to seek out a product called peyote gel, which in many cases also contains marijuana, as a remedy for muscle, bone and joint pain,” the travel advisory revealed.

While the small plastic jars with green ointment appear to be innocent folk remedies, in reality they contain highly prohibited substances that could result in travel delays and if could lead to more serious consequences since the substances are prohibited by federal law.

“It is important that our travelers are aware of what they can bring into the United Sates from other countries to avoid potential delays,” said CBP Port Director Efrain Solis Jr. in a prepared statement.

Ointments including marijuana or peyote are considered folk remedies used in the past primarily by elder residents in border communities. Despite their ancient nature, several residents along border communities continue to use those types of folk remedies.

Breitbart Texas recently reported on the case of Angel De La Mora, a police officer from Sullivan City who pleaded guilty to criminal charges in connection with his role of stealing marijuana from the police evidence locker. De La Mora had previously been featured on the National Geographic show Border Wars for his role in the interception of illegal drugs being smuggled into Texas by Mexican drug cartels.

The drugs stolen by De La Mora were to be mixed with alcohol in order to make a pain remedy. While De La Mora pleaded guilty, Sullivan City Police Chief Miguel Angel Martinez is still facing trial for his role in allegedly covering up for De La Mora.

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