Mexican Couple Suspected of Killing American in Green Card Marriage

mexican couple

A Mexican immigrant and his first wife are suspected of murdering an American woman in California after the man allegedly married the second woman to obtain legal residence.

Mexican national Francisco Valdivia, 37, married Cecelia Bravo Cabrera–despite already being married to Mexican national Rosalina Lopez, 39, since 2007, according to the Daily Mail.

Police said Valdivia married Cabrera in order to obtain a Green Card to stay in the U.S. legally, though they believe Cabrera knew her marriage with the Mexican immigrant was a sham.

Cabrera has now been missing since June 9; leading police to believe that Valdivia and Lopez teamed up to murder the young woman after police said she was allegedly threatened by the two Mexican immigrants to remain in the sham marriage.

“We do believe the motive surrounds this relationship of three people. It revolves around this relationship,” Sheriff Mike Boudreaux told the Daily Mail.

“We have a great deal of information,” Boudreaux said of the case. “But, detectives have put me on notice that any release of information may result in the integrity of this case.”

A spokesman with the Sheriff’s Office said police have “significant digital forensic evidence” implicating the Mexican couple in the alleged murder of Cabrera. The spokesman also said the police have evidence that Cabrera was threatened to stay in the sham marriage.

Back in June, Cabrera’s car was set ablaze in a wooded area and her four children, who are now in police custody, have not heard from her since. Cabrera’s body has not been found.

Valdivia was in police custody already for suspicion of growing marijuana when he was arrested in connection with the murder of Cabrera.

Lopez, on the other hand, was arrested in a town just outside of Visalia. Both are being held without bail.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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