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Bank Tip Exposes Illegal Workers at Meatpacker

The federal immigration raid on the Tennessee meatpacker was prompted by a bank alert showing large cash withdrawals for payroll, according to a local TV state.

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Top Banker Wants More Cheap White-Collar Immigrants

Every foreigner who graduates from American universities should be given green cards so they can compete for Americans’ white-collar jobs, according to the chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. bank.


Pro-Amnesty Mags Debate Reviving ‘Indentured Servitude’

The very pro-amnesty The Atlantic magazine is slamming the merely pro-amnesty Politico news site for helping to revive the practice of importing European temporary-slaves — AKA “indentured servants” — during the 1600s. 


CEOs Hire Disabled Americans In Trump’s Tight Labor Market

President Donald Trump’s tight labor market is forcing CEOs to hire disabled people as they fight hard against their worst-case scenario — raising average wages for average workers to persuade them taking a higher-wage job at a nearby company.  


Border Wall: GOP Makes Excuses, Pelosi Taunts Trump

The GOP establishment is offering excuses for its refusal to fund the border wall, while Democrats are taunting President Donald Trump over their success in blocking all wall funding.