Illegal Immigrant Teen Beheaded His Mother, Say Police

Franklin County

An illegal immigrant has been charged with first degree murder after allegedly beheading his mother with a butcher knife.

Oliver Mauricio Funes-Machada, 18, has been confirmed to Breitbart Texas by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency as an illegal immigrant living in North Carolina from Honduras.

“ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) has issued a detainer for Oliver Funes-Machado, an unlawfully present Honduran national, following his arrest March 6 on local charges in Franklin County, North Carolina,” ICE Communications Director Bryan Cox told Breitbart Texas.

Funes-Machada allegedly killed 35-year-old Yesenia Funes Beatriz Machada by severing her head, and then allegedly carrying her head in his hands, along with a butcher knife, down the street, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“When they arrived, he was with the decapitation in his hand and it was a gruesome scene,” Sheriff Kent Winstead told the media at the time.

“It was a gruesome scene… I can’t tell you how many wounds,” Winstead said.

Funes-Machada is allegedly the oldest sibling of his family, with two minor children at the home at the time of the alleged beheading, though authorities said they were unharmed. Another sibling was at school at the time of the alleged attack.

Funes-Machada is currently being held at the Franklin County Detention Center without bond, and ICE’s Bryan Cox said the agency has requested that the illegal immigrant be turned over to federal authorities, should he be released for any reason.

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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