Texas Teen Killed by Satanic Illegal Immigrants Identified

File Photo: Steve Gonzales/Houston Chronicle via AP

HOUSTON, Texas – Law enforcement officials in Harris County released the identity of the 15-year-old girl found murdered in southwest Houston last month. Two illegal aliens who are members of the MS-13 transnational criminal gang are accused of killing the girl as part of a satanic ritual.

Officials identified the girl as 15-year-old Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado from the Houston suburb of Jersey Village, a local newspaper reported. The mother of the girl previously stated she believed her missing daughter had been killed by the two men, Breitbart Texas reported on Sunday. Genesis disappeared in mid-January, the mother stated.

Over a period of several weeks, Diego Rivera, 18, and Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 18, allegedly kidnapped and raped at least two young girls, Breitbart Texas reported on Thursday. Following an incident where one of the girls “disrespected” a satanic shrine in the apartment of one of the men, Rivera and Alvarez-Flores took her to a road in southwest Houston where they shot and killed her; prosecutors told the court. Authorities confirmed the victim is the missing girl, Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado.

The two MS-13 gang members from El Salvador held the surviving victim against her will, moving from one apartment to another while keeping her intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. She said the men held her down and tattooed the “Grim Reaper” along the entire length of her calf, prosecutors told the court.

Court records state a man going by the name “Flaco” sexually assaulted the 14-year-old victim.

As many as six MS-13 gang members lived in the apartment where the satanic rituals took place. Officials have not reported if more arrests are pending.

A SWAT team arrested the two gang members after a standoff on Monday. Officials did not disclose what led them to the location. The 14-year-old victim and another teenage girl were rescued and returned to their homes, the Daily Mail reported.

These are the types of criminal aliens President Trump is using immigration officers to round up and remove from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers carried out targeted operations in February designed to arrest criminal aliens across the country, Breitbart Texas reported. The operation led to the arrest of nearly 700 criminal aliens, including 44 in Austin, Texas, alone.

The operation led to a flurry of fake news reports and false information being spread about the intent of the operation.

Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly responded to the fake news attacks stating, “ICE conducts these kind of targeted enforcement operations regularly and has for many years. The focus of these enforcement operations is consistent with the routine, targeted arrests carried out by ICE’s Fugitive Operations teams on a daily basis.”

The Mexican government is also pushing back against the new administration’s efforts to remove criminal aliens with a program to fund legal support services for those unlawfully present across the country. “What changes today is that we are prioritizing legal matters over everything. Previously, we didn’t have the need to seek so much legal support for our people,” Miami’s Consul General Antonio Zabalgoitia told the Associated Press on Friday. “But now, we need to protect them against an eventual deportation.”

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