Massacre of New York Teens Tied to Central American MS-13 Gang


The shocking massacre of four Hispanic young men in Long Island has been tied to the notorious illegal alien street gang, MS-13, authorities say. The four brutally murdered young men were found lying on the street in Central Islip, New York.

The bodies were found Wednesday near a soccer field inside Central Islip’s Recreation Village Town Park. The victims were murdered by members of the MS-13 gang, according to ABC 7.

The bodies were so mutilated that one could only be identified by a tattoo. The victims were all young men, one was 20 years of age, two were 18, and the youngest victim was just 16. A fifth young man reportedly escaped.

The victims were identified as 16-year-old Justin Llivicura, and 18-year-olds Jefferson Villalobos, and 1Jorge Tigre, and 20-year old Michael Banegas.

Family members report that neither of the victims were official members of the gang. One, Michael Banegas’ mother Lourdes, insisted, “He didn’t like the things they were involved in.”

The mother of the youngest victim, Blanca Zhicat, says she believes the four were lured to their deaths by the offer of attending a party.

The victims were mercilessly tortured, beaten, and dismembered and left in a pile of flesh, blood, and severed limbs.

“MS-13, part of their trademark throughout the country not just here, is to prey on recent immigrants,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said. “Part of that is because many times recent immigrant families are in vulnerable positions.”

“This is a long term war, and make no mistake about it. It’s a war, and today is a sad day in Suffolk County particularly for the loved ones and family and friends of those who were murdered,” Commissioner Sini added.

A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrests of those responsible for the massacre.

MS-13, a gang the FBI says was started by El Salvadoran immigrants in Los Angeles, has been a growing threat in this country fed by a wave of immigrants from Central and South America due to President Obama’s weak immigration policies.

Breitbart Texas has done extensive reporting on the criminal activities of this notorious gang. In September of last year, for instance, an MS-13 gang member who had twice been deported was arrested in Maryland and charged with the vicious murder of a teen boy. In another case, Breitbart News reported on the stabbing and decapitation murder of a young man in Virginia, killed because gang members thought he was an informant for the police. In the latter case six gang members were convicted of the brutal murder.

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