BREAKING: Border Patrol Agent Found Seriously Injured on Side of Roadway after Attack


An off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent was discovered on the side of a roadway with serious injuries to his head, chest, and hands, according to officials. The Border Patrol agent appears to have been ruthlessly attacked. Sources first alerted Breitbart Texas to the incident and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed many of the details on the matter. The Border Patrol agent is assigned to the Deming, New Mexico, Border Patrol Station which is in the El Paso Sector.

According to CBP:

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection is assisting in the investigation of a report of an assault against an off-duty Border Patrol agent assigned to the Deming, New Mexico, Border Patrol Station. The agent was discovered on the side of the road by a motorist at 11 p.m. MDT. The agent suffered multiple, serious injuries to his head, chest and hands. Emergency Medical Services transported the agent to a nearby hospital where he is being treated for his wounds. The agent is in stable condition. CBP is working closely with the FBI, Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office, and the El Paso Police Department on the ongoing investigation. CBP has informed its workforce of this report and has reminded its law enforcement personnel to be alert and aware of their surroundings and potential threats related to their service.”

The region immediately south of the border in the area is controlled by the Juarez Cartel and their enforcers, La Linea. They operate in the El Paso Sector and are known to abduct individuals and administer torture techniques.

The fact that the FBI is investigating the matter, rather than just local law enforcement agencies, would indicate that the attack on the Border Patrol agent is due to his employment as a law enforcement officer with the U.S. government.

Also, the warning issued by CBP to Border Patrol agents indicates that the violent attack was related to the agent’s employment as a law enforcement officer with the U.S. government. The warning shows that CBP feels this attack indicates possible risks to additional agents along the U.S.-Mexico border.

CBP did not alert the public or other Border Patrol agents until after the agency was contacted by Breitbart Texas. Only after CBP was contacted, did they hurry and publish a statement. A spokesman for CBP contradicts this assertion and claims that they internally notified agents, not the public, prior to being contacted by Breitbart Texas.

Brandon Darby is managing director and editor-in-chief of Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Stephen K. Bannon. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He can be contacted at

This article has been updated to include the CBP denial of not notifying agents prior to the Breitbart media request.


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