Two Cops Shot — 1 Grave, Other Critical Condition, Says Chief — 1 Suspect Killed

SAPD Crime Scene
AP File Photo: Edward A. Ornelas/The San Antonio Express-News via AP

Two San Antonio police officers are in “very critical” condition after being shot near downtown on Thursday afternoon. Police shot one of two suspects. The second is in custody.

UPDATE 7:05 p.m.: Police Chief William McManus told reporters Thursday evening that one of his wounded officers is in grave condition not expected to survive, FOX29 reported. The other officer sustained handgun wound to the chin as he stepped out of his car to talk to a pedestrian. He is expected to recover from his wound but is still listed in critical condition. All San Antonio outlets are now reporting the suspect died from his wounds after he was shot by police officers.

McManus said the officer who sustained the wound to his face is in “grave, grave, condition,” and is not expected to survive. He told reporters, “He’s being sustained by the doctors and nurses right now,” the San Antonio Express reported.

UPDATE 5:47 p.m.: Some outlets in San Antonio initially reported that one of the suspects had been killed by police. They have now updated that information to report the wounded suspect is in grave condition at University Hospital, KSAT reports. Medical officials list the two officers as: one in grave condition, the other in critical condition.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tweeted, “Our prayers are with these 2 San Antonio police officers in critical condition after shooting.”

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick also Tweeted prayers for the officers:

UPDATE 5:18 p.m.: A witness filmed the immediate aftermath of the shooting. The video shows one officer who has just dragged his partner out of the line of fire. The image of the officer is blurred. Fox29 San Antonio posted the video on their website.

A Tweet from Fox4 reporter/anchor Randy Beamer reveals an image of the surviving suspect in custody.


“It happened so fast, one was down, one was in custody immediately. There was no further danger,” Chief William McManus told reporters. “It’s not a good feeling to know two officers were shot during active patrol.”

The two officers attempted to make contact with two people on the street near San Antonio College, the San Antonio Express-News reported. As the officers stepped out of their vehicle, one of the suspects pulled a weapon and began firing. He struck one officer in the face. The other officer received a shot in the stomach area, the chief reported. That officer pulled the other wounded officer to a safe area.

McManus report that both officers are in “very critical” condition at a local hospital. He said the officers were working “directed patrol” in the area to help reduce crime.

Police shot one of the suspects. The second person is in custody. No motive for the shooting is known at this time.

McManus said both officers are seven-year veterans, KSAT reported.

Both suspects are reported to be in their late 20s to early 30s, the chief described. He said he had no other information on the suspects or their motives at this time.

San Antonio College is reported to be on lockdown at this time as a precautionary measure.

One witness told the San Antonio newspaper he witnessed one officer attempting to resuscitate another officer.

The chief told reporters the incident “is over.” He said one suspect is dead and the other is in custody at the department’s homicide division offices.

In November 2016, a San Antonio police detective was shot and killed while he was working uniformed patrol duty. Breitbart Texas reported. The following day, police arrested Otis Tyrone McKane and charged him with murdering Detective Benjamin Marconi. When asked by reporters why he shot the detective, McKane responded, “I was upset.”


This is a developing story. More information will be added as soon as it is available.

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