Gas Hoarding Leads to Artificial Texas Fuel Shortages

Gas Hoarding
Photo: Brandon Darby/Breitbart Texas

Widespread hoarding appears to be contributing to temporary fuel shortages across Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Officials urge Texans to purchase fuel as they normally would.

While fuel production in the Lone Star State is down by about two million barrels per day, fuel shortages experienced by some consumers appear to be more hoarding related than fuel supply.

“Fuel supply shortages in some areas have been exacerbated because normal buying habits have changed, Texas Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian said in a statement provided to Breitbart Texas. “Consumers returning to their routine buying habits – recognizing that they need fuel for a few days and not a few weeks – will be a great help as the system is being brought back fully online. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency, consumers should maintain regular buying habits for their vehicles, which can help alleviate a sudden surge in demand.”

More than 350 miles from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Breitbart Texas Editor-in-Chief Brandon Darby experienced the impact of the temporary shortage while traveling to the Mexican border region. In the town of San Angelo, Darby found only one station with fuel and waited in line for 45 minutes to get gas.

As he finally made it to the pumps, he found one man who is an example of the hoarding phenomenon. The man filled a plastic 55-gallon drum with fuel. Across the state, people can be seen filling multiple gas cans at a time.

“Private sector partners from the fuel industry continue to work alongside other members of the Texas Emergency Management Council at the State Operations Center in Austin as part of the massive response to Hurricane Harvey,” Commissioner Christian stated. “This group – the Texas Fuel Coordination Group – is continuing to monitor and work with the fuel industry to respond to fuel impacts related to this storm and to obtain any necessary waivers to assist returning gasoline production back to pre-Harvey levels as quickly as possible.”

“As the water recedes and power is being restored, the state’s fuel production and distribution system is being systematically and safely restored,” he concluded. “This process will not be immediate at all facilities, but the men and women of the oil and natural gas industry are working around the clock to stabilize the fuel supply chain.”

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