‘More Dead Cops’ Banner Hangs over NY Highway

More Dead Cops Banner
Video Screenshot/Fox News Channel

Police are investigating a banner found hanging above a New York overpass that reads “More Dead Cops.”  The banner also bears the “circle A” brand used by Antifa activists.

Retired police Capt. John Cooney said whoever hung the sign is “ignorant,” PoliceOne.com reported.

Police found the banner hanging from an overpass on a highway near the state’s capital of Albany, New York. Someone removed the banner shortly after police received a call reporting the offensive slogan.

A “circle A” brand also appeared on the banner, police said. The mark is similar to that used by Antifa activists who carry out acts of violence at various rallies across the country, Fox News Insider reported.

“It’s absolute horror,” community resident Johnathan Falk told the local Fox News reporter. “We’re talking about people who put their lives on the line every day for strangers for not a lot of money, and they’re getting so disrespected. It’s terrible.”

As for a reaction from local police, Retired Captain John Cooney told the reporter, “We will continue to do our job and serve the citizens as we always have.”

Capt. Cooney said the legality of the banner is “murky at best,” News 10 ABC reported. He said trespassing or unlawful use of property are the likely offenses police could pursue if they find the suspects.

“It’s a waste of their time, and to be frank, to worry about the statement made on the banner today would be a waste of our time,” he concluded.

Officially, police say they are “looking into the matter.”

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