Texas Teacher Gets 10 Years for Sex with High School Students

Heather Lee Robertson
Mugshot: Angelina County Sheriff's Office

A Texas district court judge sentenced a kindergarten teacher to 10 years in prison after she admitted to having sex with at least six high school boys. She will also surrender her teaching certificate and register as a sex offender for the balance of her lifetime.

“Teachers are entrusted with our most valuable and most precious asset every day,” Angelina County Assistant District Attorney Todd Dillon said in a written statement. “When teachers betray that trust in Angelina County, they will be held accountable for that betrayal, and they will face significant punishment.”

The judge could have sentenced Heather Lee Robertson, 39, to 240 months in prison (20 years ) on each count, Fox News reported. Prosecutors said Robertson had sex with the boys in November 2016 and February 2017. The illicit affairs with the school-age boys began shortly after her husband filed for divorce. She blamed the sexual encounters on heavy drinking and said she could not remember the details. Court documents revealed she “groomed” the boys on Snapchat.

Breitbart Texas’ Merrill Hope reported in April:

The details of this case unraveled when, on April 20, a Hudson ISD police officer received a tip allegedly linking Robertson sexually to two high school students. Their identities and ages remain unknown. According to the Lufkin newspaper, the officer opened an investigation and interviewed the teens. One said his relationship with Robertson began as “chatting and sexting” over Snapchat shortly after spring break, which led to Robertson inviting him to her apartment for sexual intercourse. He told her he had a friend with him and asked if it was “okay” that the friend tagged along. The student told the officer, Robertson approved both boys coming to her home. They arrived to find her on the couch “vaping,” according to the warrant. This teen said they all chit-chatted for a few minutes after which Robertson instructed them to follow her into the bedroom where she took off her clothes and had three-way sex with the two teens.

These youths then told the officer about two other male high school students possibly involved with Robertson. Officers spoke to these other boys, who said they had sex with her at the apartment several times. Reportedly, the teens snuck out of their homes, and Robertson picked them up to bring them to her residence. One of these boys said his improper relationship with the teacher started over the same social media app.

In a subsequent police interview, Robertson admitted to all of the allegations and even told officers the first sexual encounter took place in late 2016 and the last happened on April 14, according to the arrest warrant. Robertson added that recently she became a heavy drinker and did not always remember the details of these sexual encounters, KTRE reported. On Thursday morning, Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker learned about this situation. That afternoon, Robertson resigned.

“We’re happy that we were able to get this matter concluded without re-victimizing the victims. Putting them through a jury trial would asking these young men to do a lot, so this was a good resolution for everybody,” Dillon told KTRE reporters.


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