Texas Deputy Police Chief Among Las Vegas Wounded

Bruce Ure - Seguin PD
Photo: Seguin Police Department

The deputy police chief of Seguin, Texas, is among the wounded from the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting that left more than 50 people killed and hundreds wounded. The chief received minor injuries from shrapnel while the gunman fired from above.

Seguin Deputy Police Chief Bruce Ure took to Facebook to let his family and friends know that he was okay following the shooting. In a brief post, the chief said, “I am ok too.”

Chief Ure received more than 200 comments to his post. He quickly posted more information about his experience during the shooting. The chief said he “caught a piece of bullet shrapnel” on his hand, but that the wound was minor.

Ure recently moved to the Seguin Police Department after serving in the Houston area. He worked in the Missouri City and Friendswood police departments.

Earlier in the day on Sunday, Chief Ure checked into the SiriusXM Route 91 music festival. He said, “Last day at the festival. Great time!”

The City of Seguin posted a photo of their assistant chief along with a message of support. “We’re so glad he’s OK!” the post reads.

His department also posted information about the chief and sent their prayers and thoughts to those impacted by the shooting.

City of Seguin spokesperson Morgan Ash told the San Antonio Express-News that the chief used his prior training and experience as a firefighter/EMT to help other victims of the shooting.

“He said he was OK but that he had gotten some shrapnel in his hand,” Ash said. “And he texted that he was able to help other injured concertgoers by commandeering a car and driving them to the hospital.”

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